Nutrition, HIV and AIDS Project - Sub-component B3 –Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission


Malawi has made considerable progress in delivering PMTCT services nation-wide but there are still considerable gaps. Among many gaps there is inadequate capacity to identify HIV exposed children and provide early infant diagnosis. The Nutrition, HIV and AIDS Project is assisting the GoM to reduce the high rate of vertical transmission of HIV. To support the government’s PMTCT program, the project is providing assistance to PMTCT sites as follows;

  1. Minor Outfitting of health facilities:
    • Refurbishment of 15 health facilities (9 in Mangochi District and 6 in Blantyre District),
    • Provision of essential medical equipment, back-up power and furniture to 9 health facilities in Mangochi and 6 in Blantyre.
    • Provision of EID point of care (POC) devices to 5 high burden health facilities
  2. Procurement of vehicles to support PMTCT programme
    • Five Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles (5x Land Cruiser 78 Wagon 4.2L diesel)
  3. Mentorship to support Paediatric HIV care service provision:
    • Capacity building and mentorship of service providers in all EID health facilities