Research and Surveillance

Research and Surveillance activities are critical to generating information that facilitates evidence based programming in the National Response to HIV and AIDS. NAC provides leadership in the national response to HIV and AIDS through various mechanisms including monitoring of HIV prevalence and incidence in general and in key populations through regular surveys. These surveys include Behavioural Surveillance Survey in key populations, HIV Impact Assessments/AIDS Indicator Surveys, and Antenatal Clinic Sentinel Surveillance Survey, among others.

Malawi has just finalised the first population based HIV impact assessment which measured HIV incidence, population based viral load and population based CD4 count, among other indicators. These results will help to determine Malawi’s program coverage, measure the impact of the national response, and target interventions where there is critical need. Surveys to monitor development and transmission of HIV drug resistant strains are being conducted and will continue to be conducted regularly.

Recently the National AIDS Commission coordinated the development of an HIV Research Strategy and identified research priorities that can aid effective planning of the national response these are accessible to the general public through this website. Members of the general public and HIV/AIDS program implementers in particular are encouraged to go through various study and survey reports posted on this website to help them with development of evidence based interventions. Let us make a difference by investing in high yielding interventions.