We provide the following services:

i. National Coordination and Programme Planning:
We facilitate planning and implementation of the multi-sectoral National HIV and AIDS Policy and the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan. We support the development of capacities at all levels for effective implementation of the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan, and advocate for and monitor implementation of the “Three Ones Principle”.

ii. Behaviour Change Interventions:
We coordinate HIV prevention through development of behaviour change strategies, coordination of behaviour change activities and provision of technical support to partners engaged in this area.

We provide accurate information on HIV and AIDS to the public and monitor interventions aimed at bringing about desirable behaviour change in our society.

iii. Treatment, Care and Support services:
We coordinate all activities relating to provision of HIV and AIDS treatment, care and social support for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and those affected by its impact, particularly orphans. We oversee provision of HIV testing services; management of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs); and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV services (PMTCT). We set standards for provision of services through development of essential guiding instruments in these areas of operation by collaborating with the Ministry of Health, local and international organizations that take part in the National HIV and AIDS Response.

iv. Capacity Building and Partnerships:
We strengthen the capacity of stakeholders at all levels (community, district and national) to effectively respond to HIV and AIDS. We do this through provision of training, necessary equipment and other forms of resources. to HIV and AIDS.

v. Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS
We advocate for mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS in all sectors of the Malawi sector, including the informal sector. We ensure that all partners from all sectors of the Malawi society are taking part in the National HIV and AIDS Response. We advocate for introduction and implementation of HIV and AIDS Workplace Policies and provide technical support to all sectors in designing and implementing HIV and AIDS programmes.

vi. District Coordination:
We strive to scale up the National HIV and AIDS Response at district and community levels. We provide guidance and technical backstopping to district councils and other partners in the areas of HIV and AIDS programme management; financial and procurement management and monitoring and evaluation.

vii. Resource Mobilization and Utilization:
We mobilize resources for implementation and management of HIV and AIDS. We also develop the capacity of our implementing partners to absorb and account for financial resources. We develop and apply appropriate methods and systems for tracking and monitoring the impact of resources.

viii. Monitoring and Evaluation:
We track progress in the implementation of the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020. This is done through strengthening of capacities within NAC and its implementing partners to collect and report HIV and AIDS data using the Malawi National HIV and AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

ix. Research and Development:
Research is at the centre of our work. We promote HIV and AIDS related research on priority areas at all levels such as epidemiology, socio-cultural, prevention, treatment, mitigation, care and support through strengthening of capacity of institutions and individuals to undertake HIV and AIDS related research. We provide HIV and AIDS evidence-based information to stakeholders and the public.