National AIDS Commission - Overview

The government of Malawi established the National AIDS Commission (NAC), as a public trust in July 2001 to provide overall leadership and coordination of the national response to HIV and AIDS. It replaced the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) that was in operation from 1987-2001 as a division of the Ministry of Health responsible for the battle against HIV and AIDS from the biomedical perspective. The NACP was transformed and restructured to become a Commission in order to respond to an expanded national HIV and AIDS programme in Malawi. The Commission was established following Government realization that the response to HIV and AIDS pandemic required a multi-sectoral approach and interaction between HIV and AIDS and broader issues of population, economic development and management, social service provision, culture, community development, human rights and gender.

From its inception in 2001, the activities coordinated by the Commission followed the National Strategic Framework, which contributed to the National Health Plan and was part of the Government strategy of poverty reduction. The National HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework (NSF) developed in 2000, guided and provided direction to all HIV and AIDS interventions in the country for the period 2000-2004. The NSF expired at the end of October 2004 and led to the development of a new National HIV and AIDS Action Framework (NAF) to guide the national HIV and AIDS response for the period 2005-2009.


The role of NAC is to provide leadership and coordinate the national response to HIV and AIDS in Malawi.

Specific objectives of NAC are to:

1.     Manage and coordinate the implementation of government policies on HIV and AIDS

2.     Liaise with relevant ministries as appropriate on all matters relating to HIV and AIDS in order to ensure that there are no legal, medical or regulatory barriers to information on HIV and AIDS

3.     Ensure through advocacy, that all political, community, religious and traditional leaders play a strong, sustained and visible role in the prevention of HIV and AIDS

4.     Develop and maintain an up-to-date information system and establish suitable mechanism for disseminating and utilising such information

5.     Supervise, monitor and evaluate progress and impact of HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support and impact mitigation; and

6.     Develop and institute guidelines for cooperation among the Commission, Government and other organisations and agencies in Malawi


‘By 2015 Malawi has reduced HIV and AIDS for healthy and productive nation’


‘To Provide Leadership and Coordinate the National Response to HIV and AIDS in Malawi’

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