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Key development partners in the HIV and AIDS response include; The Global Fund, Centre for Diseases Control (CDC), PEPFAR, The World Bank, UNAIDS, FHI360 and World Health Organization

Testing is the gateway to treatment and effective treatment is a great HIV prevention tool, it saves lives and prevents HIV transmission HIV treatment reduces the viral load (the amount of HIV in a person’s body) to undetectable levels. With an undetectable level of HIV, a person can’t pass on the virus to someone else.

Having HIV does not mean you are going to die. Most people with HIV can live long and healthy lives if they get and stay on treatment.

Many people living with HIV can expect to live as long as their peers who do not have HIV. Studies show that a person living with HIV has a similar life expectancy to an HIV-negative person provided they are diagnosed in good time, have good access to medical care, and are able to adhere to their HIV treatment.


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