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The National AIDS Commission (NAC) was established as an Independent State Institution by the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Management) Act Number 9 of 2018. It replaced the NAC Public Trust, which the Government of Malawi established in July 2001 to provide overall leadership and coordination of a Multi-Sectoral National Response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic. Prior to this, the National AIDS Control Program (NACP), under the Ministry of Health and Population, was mandated to coordinate a largely biomedical response to HIV and AIDS from 1987 to 2001. The evolution in the status of the institution followed the Government’s realization that the response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic required a multi-sectoral approach and interface with broader issues of population, economic development and management, social service provision, culture, community development, human rights as well as gender, among others. The establishment of NAC as an Independent State Institution through an Act of Parliament has enhanced the Commission’s core mandate of providing leadership and coordination; and given authority to accredit all information on HIV and AIDS before such information is published or disseminated.

Our Vision

By 2025 NAC is recognized for its leadership and effectiveness in the coordination of the National Response to HIV and AIDS.

Our Mission

National AIDS Commission will provide leadership, technical guidance and coordination of the National Response.

Our Values

Confidentiality: We are always sensitive to people’s needs and respect their privacy and special needs.Confidentiality: We are always sensitive to people’s needs and respect their privacy and special needs.

Excellent customer care: We always strive to meet clients’ needs and expectations in delivery of services. Excellence is our habit and we pledge to nurture it.

Transparency and accountability: We are open, honest and responsible in the way we discharge our duties. We are accountable to the people of Malawi and all our stakeholders.

Diversity: We uphold the multi-sectoral engagement and embrace the cultural, gender and religious differences of stakeholders in the response to HIV and AIDS.

Ethical conduct: We carry out our duties and responsibilities in a professional manner and respect the dignity of all stakeholders.